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DUI or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a serious criminal offense in Jacksonville Florida and it can result to personal injury and even dismemberment and loss of life. For this reason, you certainly need an experienced lawyer if you ever find yourself the offending driver in a drunk-driving accident. However, not all DUI cases involve accidents, more commonly, a driver will be flagged down for showing signs of drunk-driving such as over speeding and generally disobeying traffic rules which are all based on a law police man observance. When you get pulled over, do not resist or defy the Duval County Sheriff deputy by getting out of the car without being asked. When the officer established that you are non-threatening, you will then be asked to breathe through an apparatus to analyze the level of alcohol in your breath. Also, your manner of speech and gait will be noted and if you failed the procedures, you will be cited for DUI.
When you find yourself in such a situation, never challenge the officer because how you deal with the situation can affect how yourdui-police-stop-logo defense will be played out in the court proceedings. Do not object to a sobriety test because you could get your license immediately suspended. Also, police officers now have cameras that record your sobriety test on their dashboards, so it is best not to argue with them. Note any negative manner in the way the officer is observing or testing you as well as how long it took for the officer to conduct the test. Ideally, you should look for most experienced lawyer in your area, preferably someone who understands how the entire processes of apprehending an individual for DUI and us familiar with the road features conditions in the place where you were apprehended. Based on these factors and your lawyer’s knowledge of how certain things should be done, your team can try to challenge each of the cops observances and evidences against you to build a good foundation for your defense plan. Your lawyer can literally help you win your case or minimize the amount that you have to pay or the time that you need to spend in jail.
It is important to familiarize yourself with what DUI lawyers do to prepare your plan of defense, so you can answer questions accordingly and match your attorney’s defense tactics.

Some of the strategies that your lawyer can include in your defense plan are to contest the validity of the sobriety test and the manner that it was carried out. Additionally, your attorney can also test the reliability of the gadget used to analyze your breath as well as check if the breath, blood, or urine sample taken from you for testing is free from any contamination, which can affect the results. Your lawyer can also challenge the adherence of the highway patrol officers to protocols from the time that you were flagged down up to the time that you were taken into custody for further questioning.
Furthermore, the test must take a several minutes, with the officer amply looking for evidences and asking you for further information. Law enforcers need to follow rules as well when apprehending individuals and if they are found to be violating the rules, this could be a point in your favor. Another defense tactic is to investigate the competence of the personnel who performed the blood alcohol content test and if it was found out that the wrong person carried out the test, it could be another thing on your favor. This is why an appropriate lawyer must handle your case and not just a typical injury lawyer. Other tactics that your representative can possibly bring up to support your case are the road and weather conditions in the area at the time. If you are quite unlucky and other parties are involved, your lawyer can try to determine if the others may be driving under the influence as well. Essentially, your lawyer has to come up with arguments that will minimize your culpability, especially if you pleaded guilty to the charges against you.
If at all possible, you should already have contacted your relative or guardian, along with your DUI attorney to pick you up and post bail so he or she can be informed on the date when you need to appear in court. Aside from planning your defense, your lawyer is responsible for keeping track of the dates that you need to be in court because for each session that you do not appear, your chance of getting a favorable decision diminishes. Another important role of your lawyer is to determine if you can petition to have your arrest or case removed from public records. Individuals charged with DUI may qualify to have their criminal records concealed or destroyed, but only if they were not found guilty and the case against them is dismissed. These are what lawyers do to help their clients get minimum sentences for drunk-driving or driving under the influence of drugs. Choose a law firm who can help you sort out the facts regarding your arrest and come up with a strong plan of defense.
A mistake on the part of the law enforcer who gave you a citation can positively affect your DUI case and may even result to dismissal of your case. What’s more, a DUI case can get a lot more complicated when injured victims and damaged to properties are also involved in your case. For this reason, always take into consideration the gravity of a DUI charge. If you have to drive, wait until you are sober, so you will not endanger the lives of other motorists, passers-by and your passengers as well. It can cause personal injuries and great losses and the pain and damage to the victims can go on even after the cases have been dropped or your sentence has been served. Consider these things if you have the urge to drink and drive. It is better to spend the night in a friend’s party or a free parking lot than to get home without knowing how you did and in the process, endanger others who are in your path.

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